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Meet the Artist

I began painting in 2002. I received my artistic training at the Art Lab at Snug Harbor. I recently completed the Summer Studio Scholarship Program, a six-week intensive art program conducted at Snug Harbor Cultural Center. I am a member of the Artists’ Federation and the Staten Island Artists’ Association, and I have exhibited my works at the Art Lab Gallery, the Staten Island Botanical Gardens Gallery, the Staten Island Zoo, the Kotinsky Gallery and The Perking Latte Café. I work in a variety of media, including oil, pen and ink, Chinese brush, and watercolor.


For me art is a means of relaxation and self-expression. My art reflects the things I love and the things that most inspire me. My love of animals is depicted in many of the pieces that you see here. I am also very inspired by the beauty of nature. This summer I began to explore the intricacies of objects in still life.


I thank you for coming to view this exhibit. I hope that you enjoy the works presented here.


If you would like more information on my art, you may contact me by phone at 718-698-7627 or by email at  


Posted to the Web on August 19, 2005